PARENT: Long-Term Suspension

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Your child cannot receive a long-term suspension without first getting a short-term suspension of 10 school days or less. After the short-term suspension, the principal can make a referral to the superintendent for a
longer suspension. Only a superintendent can approve a suspension of 11 days or more.

Your child will meet with the superintendent (or someone they appoint) and their parent/guardian. If the superintendent allows your child to be suspended for 11 school days or more, your child can write to the Board of Education and ask them to review the suspension.

You should request the suspension be stayed and that your child return to school while your appeal of the long-term suspension is pending. You can make the request to  the Superintendent who will decide if your child poses a continuing danger to the school environment. Even if your child is not allowed to return to school, a Superintendent can only suspend up to 180 days, and your child must be offered an alternative education.

Even if your child is out of school, an alternative education must be made available to them. Ask the superintendent about those options.